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Amalfi & Ravello

Amalfi is the town that gives its name to the entire coast as well as one of the most famous tourist resorts in the world for its millenary history, the importance of its monuments and the splendid natural setting that has allowed its registration in the UNESCO Heritage .

Perched on a rocky outcrop, 365 meters above sea level, Ravello is situated right in the center of the Amalfi Coast and majestically embraces the entire

Gulf of Salerno. It is certainly one of the most famous destinations of the Divine, for the irresistible fascination it exerts and the fame that has made it famous all over the world, a perfect synthesis of art and music, worthy of recognition in the UNESCO heritage, as well as the name of "City of Music". 

Sorrento & surroundings

The Sorrento Coast has a unique landscape in the world, where high and low hills alternate with deep valleys and majestic mountains where the work of man was majestic, which placed the most inaccessible areas transforming them into the famous terraces, degrading terraces of earth towards the sea, on which he planted oranges, lemons, olives and wine.

They are the delightful gardens from which in spring exhales an intoxicating perfume of orange blossom. The mild and dry climate throughout most of the year makes the Sorrento Coast the ideal destination for every season.


"Positano strikes deeply. It is a place that does not seem real to you as long as you are, but of which you feel with nostalgia all the profound reality when you left it. Its houses climb a slope so steep as to seem a cliff, if it weren't for the stairs that were cut in. The water of the small curved bay, of an incredible blue and green, gently laps a beach of small pebbles. There is only one street, and it does not reach the beach. it's stairs, some steep like those in pegs. Don't walk, if you go and find a friend: you climb or drop in. When you happen to discover a place as beautiful as Positano, the first impulse is almost always to keep your discovery for you ".
(John Steinbeck, "Harper's Bazaar", May 1953)


A landscape of wild beauty sculpted by the wind, the sea and the genius of man, this is the island of Capri.

The island has a steep and very jagged coastline, crowned by the famous "Faraglioni", large and original rocky cliffs, and countless caves with suggestive plays of light.

Among these the most famous is the "Grotta Azzurra", inextricably linked to the tourist history of Capri, a myth that endures over time and that continues to be a favorite destination for travelers, intellectuals and international jet-set personalities who meet, at all hours, in the mythical little square, theater of the sweet island life.

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